Marco Jean Aboav

Current technologies

TECHNOLOGY HE IS WORKING ON: Adaptive Machine Learning

STRENGHTS: Teamwork, Leadership, Empathy



CEO of Arbcircle & Etna Research



Marco Jean Aboav is an entrepreneur, data scientist, tech consultant, and associate professor of Financial Technology and angel investor in tech and fintech startups. 

He is CEO of Arbcircle, a software-as-a-service risk management tool for crypto-currencies exposures.

He is also CEO of Etna Research, a software-as-a-service forecasting technology company that serves hedge funds, family offices and financial institutions.

Dr. Aboav provides consultancy services for tech startups mainly in Europe.

He is currently associate professor of Financial Technology at Cass Business School. He teaches fintech in the executive education programs to middle and senior management from large financial companies and corporates.