Enrico Pandian

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Current technologies


STRENGHTS: Resilience, Adaptability, Problem solving



FOUNDER of Supermercato24 | BOARD MEMBER of Young Platform



Life of a startupper: from www.matura.it to Supermercato24 and Checkout Technologies – both mentioned among Italian most innovative companies in Philip Kotler’s book ‘RETAIL 4.0 – 10 rules for the digital era’ – up to the last start-up born of his unstoppable mind: “FrescoFrigo”. 

In about 20 years he raised 20 million euros of financial investments.

Enrico Pandian started his business venture in February 2001 when he was little more than 20 years old: he created the website www.matura.it dedicated to high school students who were about to take their finals. 

At the end of 2003, he started another website (www.110elode.it) and a
new publishing activity: CREAM magazine, a free press distributed in high schools of 45 Italian cities for a total of 100.000 copies.

In 2009 he founded David Brown, an agency of guerrilla marketing, and one year later he opened prezzipazzi.it, a website for savings, and in 2012 he created recommerce.it a website to regenerate and sell used goods.

More recently, in September 2014, he started Supermercato24 which today is one of the main players of the online grocery that provides home delivery in an hour; at the end of 2016 he created Checkout Technologies which provides technologies to create fully automated supermarkets.

Lastly, in 2018, he started FrescoFrigo which provides smart fridges and healthy food to big companies.

In about 20 years, Enrico Pandian raised almost 20 million euros of financial investments that he used to create, promote and support his innovative creations.