Talent is everywhere, Opportunity is not

We are a non-profit Foundation that trains a class of young Europeans between 18 and 20 years, the Aurora Fellows.

Our methodology pairs brilliant and daring young women and men with a well-resourced, interconnected ecosystem that enables them to become the future change makers and to succeed, thanks to concrete growth opportunities.

Our Vision

Aurora Fellows are empathetic, autonomous and daring young women and men, open to imagination and solid in knowledge, driven by the vision of a sustainable Future.

A generation in symbiotic relationship with avant-garde frontiers, trained to constantly cross the limits and to choose with foresight, to evolve through innovation, ready to experiment and to amplify the impact of its actions affecting the entire ecosystem.

The Fellowship Program

For three years Fellows will have at their disposal:

  • a coaching program in order to learn to balance skills and challenges,
  • a network of international Wizards who broaden their horizons,
  • a 10.000€ grant which will enable extraordinary, transformative and unconventional experiences.

Our Mission

Aurora is a breeding ground for extraordinary young people, it aims to connect them with incredible growth opportunities.

By 2030 Aurora will train 1000 entrepreneurs from 18 to 20 years old. 

Aurora will have a privileged relationship with future game changers, as well as an updated perspective on contemporary and future orientations.

Our Ecosystem

Aurora Ecosystem is a forest: rich and full of life, closely interconnected and in constant exchange.

Common roots are an integral part of the identity of who live this experience with us:

  • care for future generations;
  • trust in entrepreneurship;
  • monitoring of technological thresholds and cultural transformations;
  • give-back and give-first;
  • creation of intergenerational connections;
  • love for the Future.
This is where Aurora comes from

A European Ecosystem, with over 100 years of experience in
entrepreneurial programs, that works every year with over 200.000 under 18s

Are you between 18-20?

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