Gianluca Abbati

Cutting edge technologies

TECHNOLOGY HE IS WORKING ON: Artifical intelligence in Chemical Industry

STRENGHTS: Effective Communication, Organization, Leadership






Well-rounded professional with over 19 years of experience working internationally across Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas and proven ability to translate business needs to into product strategy, client satisfaction and process innovations leading to significant improvements in business results.

Solid experience in management of large-scale acquisitions in terms of due diligence, integration and synergies as well as expertise in the development of fit for purpose organizational structure to cover effectively and efficiently all business needs. 

In addition, he has been appointed to lead Group wide cross product projects with the aim to streamline productions globally.

To develop further his understanding of wider business impacts he has successfully completed an Executive MBA of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and to strengthen his competencies on company assessment, he has successfully completed the EFQM Assessor training. 

EFQM’s mission is to bring together organisations striving for Sustainable Excellence and increase the competitiveness of the European economy.