Matteo Cerri






FOUNDER & CEO of The Family Officer Group



He was born in Milan in 1974 and graduated in Business Administration at Universita’ Bocconi in Milan, mastering studies on Risk Management and Non Profit.

Moved to London in 1996 where he worked as Corporate Finance Executive at Cowell & Partners (former Mapfre Securities). In the same year, in partnership with his father, he founded the first Italian Risk Management Consultancy Firm devoted to NPOs.

Since 1996 he published various books and articles on Risk Management for Non Profit and Institutions, as well as holding seminars and lectures.

In 1999 he founded, in London, Shield Risk Management Ltd, the first company of what later became his Group. In the same period, he became one of the co-founders of Shield & Co. Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust, a multi-family office run under the umbrella of the American bank.

Before getting married in 2004, he achieved an LLM with studies focused on succession implications within family groups.

In 2006 he took over part of the business of the multi-family office and created The Family Officer Group as a spin-off (2006) of the advisory services of Shield Group.

Listed among the top independent family offices in Italy since 2012, The Family Officer Group in 2014 launched its own corporate venture firm (i2i – Italians to Italians).

He acts as CEO of the international activities of the Group, which is now recognised among one of the leading independent family offices of Italian origin.

Over the years the Group has broadened its scope and now its interests in the insurance, property, hospitality and food & beverage industries, run alongside its more traditional professional services.

He currently holds executive roles in various companies of the Group and sits on the board of some holdings and foundations of client families in different jurisdictions.

Since its launch in 2014 i2i has become a leading investor backing start-ups by Italian entrepreneurs in the UK.

He is passionate about the life of the Italian Community in the UK and is the Founder of Italy UK Community & Business Forum. He is also Fellow Member of ITT (Institute of Travel and Tourism), AIFO (Associazione Italiana Family Officer), UKBAA (UK Business Angel Association), ANRA (Associazione Nazionale Risk Managers) and covers a number of roles as active member in several private and public institutions.