It is the annual event that brings all Aurora players together.

Three days made of transformative experiences, unforgettable moments, extraordinary meetings, to acquire precious awareness, enriched by the intergenerational and cross-sectoral exchange.

A moment of encounter that all trend makers (Fellows, Wizards, corporates, philosophers, entrepreneurs, managers, visionaries, explorers of the future...) cannot miss.


The scenario designated for the 2021 edition will be Kilometro Rosso, Bergamo:
one of the main European innovation hubs.

A functional structure, a place of synergies between entrepreneurial activities, research centres, labs, professional services and advanced training.

By applying the Open Innovation model, it combines different skills to reduce the development time and to encourage the introduction of innovative solutions on the market. It promotes the growth of a district of knowledge and innovation thanks to the most advanced technologies, feeding an ecosystem of cutting-edge companies, scientific institutions and laboratories.



During Q1 there will be no stages.
No speakers, no monologues, no listeners.

Everyone will be directly involved in the ideation and creation processes. Three days meant to build lasting relationships, to create trust between people and to answer the foundational questions of our future. 

It’s an opportunity to live unconventional experiences, including SDG Challenge: round tables in which resources and ideas will be shared to create white papers that will impact on the SDGs established by the UN.

The purpose is out of the ordinary: to bring the future game changers together to generate a positive impact which starts from the Aurora Community, involves the entire ecosystem and reaches anyone, anywhere in the world.

This is where Aurora comes from

A European Ecosystem, with over 100 years of experience in
entrepreneurial programs, that works every year with over 200.000 under 18s