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The Aurora


Young people 18-23 years old

1. They are enthusiastic and unstoppable

2. They have open eyes to the world and the future

3. They have varied interests and passions, ranging from philosophy to technology

4. They have great energy to overcome new challenges


nformed and empathetic, positive and exemplary professionals

1. They explore new scenarios

2. They broaden Fellow's horizons

3. They play a crucial role in generating lifelong learning experiences

4. They have strong expertise: from current to future technologies, from management to philosophy


Selected and certified

. 1. They guide Fellows in balancing skills and challenges, keeping them in the flow

2. They help achieve a deep dimension of awareness
3. They ensure that Fellows are open to the new and different and that they become accountable to themselves and to others

4. They help Fellows acquire a growth mindset and manage stress


Innovative, accountable and ethical organizations

1. They make lasting decisions, supporting bright young people who will contaminate the entrepreneurial ecosystem

2. They broaden the horizons of Fellows

3. They invest in game changers

4. They share exciting challenges with Fellows who bring 21st century culture into organizations
The ecosystem
A European ecosystem that has over 100 years of experience in entrepreneurial programs and works with over 200,000 under-23s each year